HQCC Portable Mini Heater, Tungsten Heating, 200W Low Power, 90° tilt Adjustment, Suitable for Office/Student Dormitory (Color : White)

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This mini-heater has a simple yet elegant design. Its superb performance and ultra-low value are a must-have for your winter. It is ideal for living room, bedroom, kitchen, dormitory and office.
Type: indoor heater
color: White
Heating method: tungsten wire heating
Electric heater maximum power: 200W
Gear position: 1 file
Heating area: 10m2
Applicable scene: family, bedroom, office, student dormitory, bathroom
Still worried about the cold bed?
– Air circulation convection, filling every corner of the room
-Safe and environmentally friendly body adopts imported ABS flame retardant material to achieve V0 flame retardant
-Energy-saving power, fast heating, safe and long service life
– Reduce noise and enjoy a quiet sleep