Natural Homemade Cleaning Recipes For Beginners 2nd Edition: Essential Oil Recipes For Household Cleaning, Laundry & Toxic Free Living (Essential Oil Recipes, … Healing, Homecare, Cleaning Supplies)


Did you know that there is rising trend for the use of essential oils to be used in various ways for household?

Stop using those cheap household cleansers which may do the job, however, they are full of dangerous chemicals which will in the long run affect your health!

Did you know children and family members with sensitive skins and noses are most likely affected?

For the household essential oils can be used to scent laundry, to sanitize surfaces and to deodorize the air!

There are numerous recipes that are provided in this book to eliminate the health risks your putting your family through with those commercial cleaners!

So be proactive and put your foot down! It starts today with this book! Download it now and you will see soon enough the positive results!

Household Cleaners Discussed…

Using Essential OilsEssential Oils & KitchenEssential Oils & BathroomEssential Oils & Living Room & BedroomEssential Oils & LaundryEssential Oils & Plants & Pets Essential Oil Swapping Chart and Scents DIY Essential Oil Extraction & FAQ

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