New Bath Bombs Variety Deluxe Set of 12 XL Assorted Fizzies – 120gram Each Individually Wrapped, All Different Scents – Natural Organic Vegan With Essential Oils. Perfect for Birthday, Anniversary, Bridal Shower (As Seen on Dragons Den)

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Relax.. Take a bath!

"We take bath time seriously. Seriously fun, that is."

That's our motto when it comes to baths and taking time for yourself to relax. With a skin-loving blend of ingredients like Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Olive Oil and Argan Oil, be confident that Grace & Stella's bath bombs aren't just a bath accessory and novelty.

They also nourish and soothe any dry and flaky skin and leave a subtle fragrance so that you're ready to take on the day. This set comes with 8 delicious scents and a shower gel in a light vanilla scent, perfect for rinsing off or for when you don't have time for a bath and are on the go.

Each set comes with individually-wrapped bath bombs in:
– Harmony – Jasmine and White Tea
– Refresh – Rosemary and Sea Salts
– Keep Calm – French Lavender
– Rejuvenate – Sea Kelp
– Wellness – Fig and White Peach
– Good Vibes – Red Rose
– Energize – Grapefruit and Mandarin
– Relax – Jasmine and Water Lily
+ a vanilla shower gel!

It's more than just a bath bomb. BUT THEY ALSO:

GET YOUR BLOOD MOVING – Your arteries and veins expand temporarily in a nice warm bath, which improves circulation.
MOISTURIZE FOR HAPPY & HEALTHY SKIN – Adding a bath bomb gives you the opportunity to deeply moisturize by adding rich oils and body butters to your bath water.
GIVE YOU BETTER SLEEP – After a few minutes in warm, fragrant water, you probably already feel calm and relaxed. DELICIOUS SCENTS – When choosing a bath bomb you have the opportunity to choose the scent that can impact your mood. SOFT TO TOUCH – Nothing is better than the smooth silky feeling you get in the tub after your bath bomb has finished fuzzing.