The Calendar Man: A Scandinavian Dark Advent novel set in Greenland (Petra Piitalaat Jensen Book 1)

When a ritual murder is linked to a long-forgotten case, Greenland Police Commissioner Petra Jensen is forced out of retirement to catch a killer seeking revenge.

Following a period of compassionate leave, Petra Piitalaat Jensen is considering early retirement to work through the grief surrounding the loss of her partner. But when the frozen body of a young man is discovered several days before a referendum that will decide the future of Greenland, Greenland’s First Minister urges Petra to forgo retirement and investigate the case.

As the people of Nuuk lock their doors, and the voting booths are empty, Petra stretches the limited resources of the department and orders more police onto the streets in a desperate hunt for a killer determined to make this Christmas one to remember.

Set in Greenland, "The Calendar Man" twists Greenlandic politics, traditions and myths into a dark tale set in the darkest month of the year, in a frighteningly imaginable future.

"The Calendar Man" is set many years after the events in the Greenland Crime series, but features several of the characters introduced in those books.

Inspired by the Scandinavian and Greenlandic tradition of Christmas Advent Calendars, "The Calendar Man" has 24 parts, one for each day in December, leading up to the conclusion on December 24th, Christmas Eve, when Greenlanders and Scandinavians celebrate Christmas. "The Calendar Man" can also be read as a "regular" book.

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